Keza Education Future Lab and SAKURA-SHA K.K signed an agreement to supply technology devices with educative software that will help improve learning achievement in STEAM for primary education.

19 Aug
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On August 18th, 2022 Keza Education Future Lab Ltd ( KEFL Ltd) has signed a cooperation agreement with the Japanese-based company SAKURA-SHA K.K, which will help in improving learning achievement in Mathematics through use of technology for learners in Rwandan Primary schools. The two organizations will supplement teaching and learning of mathematics through provision and distribution of tablets with Interactive Mathematics (IM) Software that is expected to ease the learning of Maths in Primary schools.

KEFL Ltd is a local Edtech institution that aims at empowering young children aged 3 to 14 to become competent solutions creators and innovators with use of Arts, Science and Mathematics working through manipulation and exploration of technological devices and gadgets. At KEFL, children are trained in coding, programming, Robotics and interactive Engineering.

This software can be accessed with technology devices like tablets and computers both on and offline.

KEFL CEO with SAKURA-SHA K.K Representative

Chairman of Keza Education Future Lab Ltd Mr. MUTSINZI Antoine and the Representative of SAKURA-SHA K.K while signing the agreement at KEFL Ltd office at Kimironko.


The agreement was signed on the draft that will be followed by the implementation of the project aimed at supplying technology devices with mentioned- educative software to strengthen learning achievement in STEAM.

SAKURA-SHA K.K is Japanese- based educational software and book publishing company and has long expertise in developing educative software for interactive mathematics for primary school learners.

Although this project aims to promote technology use in schools, it will focus on primary schools in order to facilitate the teaching and learning of mathematics and science subjects. This means that through this project, the teaching, learning, and assessment of mathematics and science in primary schools will be put in the form of technology.

After signing the agreement, MUTSINZI Antoine said that mathematics is the main subject of all subjects, so he hopes to see students benefit from this project.

He said, “Mathematics is the foundation of all other subjects, so I believe our students will benefit a lot from this project. What I would ask instead is to speed up the implementation plan of the project.”

MUTSINZI Antoine, Chairman of KEFL, said that based on the good cooperation and experience from working with SAKURA-SHA K.K, there is no doubt that this project will be successfully implemented and produce the expected results.

This project will supplement Government and MINEDUC’s achievements that promote use of technology in schools for Basic education.

KEFL CEO with SAKURA-SHA K.K representatives sharing signed agreement

KEFL CEO with SAKURA-SHA K.K representatives exposing signed agreement to the public

From left: SAKURA-SHA K.K Rwanda representatives with Chairman of Keza Education Future Lab, Mr. MUTISINZI Antoine.


SAKURA-SHA K.K founder and CEO with KEFL CEO

From left: SAKURA-SHA K.K Founder and CEO, Kenya YOKOYAMA with the Chairman of Keza Education Future Lab Ltd, Mr. MUTSINZI Antoine after agreement signing ceremony.

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