KEFL donates 30 tablets to ECD Kimihurura

14 Mar
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In the implementation of the Ministry of Education’s vision which is to ”provide the citizens of Rwanda with equal opportunities to high quality education through world class learning facilities and renowned learning institutions”, Keza Education Future Lab donated 30 tablets to ECD kimihurura for supporting children in their education by  developing their ICT and STEM skills.

The event took place on 12th March, 2022, was held at ECD kimihurura, which is located in the kimihurura sector and was attended by KEFL’s managing director, ECD kimihurura teachers, ECD Kimihurura sponsor, and the executive secretary of kimihurura sector.

To help unlock the potential of Rwanda’s next generation of inventors and innovators, Keza Education Future Lab is supporting children in underserved communities and it aims to take innovative action to create solutions that support students and teachers, focusing on inclusion and equity. Keza Education Future Lab plans to continue helping schools in promoting ICT and STEM skills from a young age through providing teachers and students with ICT devices and giving them training on robotics and programming.

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