Targeted group:

Children of 3 to 14 years

Medium of instruction:



  • Cooperative construction play helps kids improve social skills

  • blocks stimulate creative, divergent problem-solving

  •  Like little scientists, children experiment with structures and observe the outcomes of their building efforts

  • Kids who are skilled with toy blocks tend to become better mathematicians

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It helps learners to:

  • Measure and calculate current, voltage and resistance learnt from the basic electronic quantities;
  • Apply and examine the function of the main components of electronics and be able to use them;
  • Differentiate tools, materials and equipment and to use them properly;
  • Create a simple project using available resources.

Why should your kids learn Robotics & Programming?

Do your children spend too much time on the computer, phone or tablet? Don’t you wish they could do something more productive? Why not get them to learn a life long valuable skill that will lead them into a career that pays much money.

Robotics and Programming are ones of 21st-century skills that enable children to be creators, rather than just consumers, of technology. Its emphasis on problem-solving is applicable across disciplines, driving growth and innovation across all sectors of the workforce.

These skills empower your children to be engineers and innovators with the ability to turn their ideas into reality.