Company Profile

"Education is no longer about just teaching students alone, but to also develop for them a reliable compass and the navigation tools for them to find their way in a world that is increasingly competitive, complex, and uncertain."

A social-driven company, Rwanda Education Future Lab has established a learning center named “Keza Learning Compass” that aims to build a successful foundation in the use of ICT by introducing robotics and programming at an early age.

In addition to technical skills, Keza Learning Compass bridges various gaps by offering Arts & Culture Educations, Physical & Health Education, and Outdoor learning.

Keza Learning Compass is the main center of learning located in Kigali but a mobile lab named “Keza Mobile Lab” supports rural areas.

Keza Education Future Lab provides a wide range of services in advanced education. Our services include but are not limited to:

• Provision of learning devices to both Students and Teachers, developing learning platform and help schools to access it.

• Provision of extra curricula activities by delivering robotic and programming courses.

• Offering entertainment services for kids.

Our History

Introduced by Sakura Group and other shareholders, “Keza Education Future Lab”, is initiated as an education key partner to support addressing the challenges of the 21st Century, whereby children will be empowered with the capacity to contribute to shaping the world to a better future. 

In fact, Keza Education Future Lab (KEFL) is a social driven company that support the achievement of MINEDUC and its affiliated institution REB in providing quality education by improving the use of science and technology among children. KEFL aims to build on successful foundations in use of ICT for kids by introducing robotics and programming at an early age.

It was registered with RDB on February 10th, 2020 after awarded the recommendation by the Ministry of Education of July 30th, 2019 to establish in Kigali a Rwanda Education Future Lab Project, changed in Keza Education Future Lab Project to adopt the resolution of 17th National Dialogue, 2019.

Our Mission

A leading provider of kids’ sciences and technology services through offering practical technology based activities for producing little engineers that will be transformed into future innovators.

Our Vision

To develop young Rwandan children into future engineers and innovators through provision of sciences and technology services including creative works, use of information and communication technology aiming at supplementing the implementation of competence-based curriculum.

Our core Values

• Integrity

• Honesty

• Trust

• Accountability

• Commitment to Customers

• Commitment to innovation